Get Connected!

You probably already know that UNC Charlotte is a vital, rapidly growing institution with an enrollment of over 25,000.

What you may not know is how the choices you make impact your college success. Student Activities would like you to know it’s important to get involved in campus, or as we say, “Get Connected.” Research has shown that students who “Get Connected” have a better chance being able to stay in school and graduate in 4 years.†

One of the things we know about students is that those who make multiple connections in their first six weeks of college life experience higher success rates. They stay in school and graduate in higher percentages than those students who do not make connections.

Connections can mean many things:

  • From joining a student organization (whether it’s academic, Greek, honors, special interest, international, multicultural, performance, political, religious/spiritual, service, sports or other),
  • Participating in a leadership program,
  • Attending a multicultural presentation,
  • To writing an article for the student newspaper or planning a Campus Activities Board program.

It almost always means making lifelong friends, feeling less homesick and more connected to the University, and succeeding both in and outside the classroom.

Whatever your choice, we wish you success!

* From UNC Charlotte Office of Institutional Research

† “Get Connected” research results available